Encouraging Families to Ride or Walk to School

Danielle Howton

As our school is growing in numbers and we currently have a community building being built near the school, a lot of our parking is currently out of use. This has caused congestion for pick up and drop offs at the school.

The school has a Kiss and Drop designated area at the front of the school that we are promoting for families to use more frequently.

To encourage the use of the Kiss and Drop zone and walking or riding to school a post was placed on the School Facebook page to promote these activities. This is also to help alleviate traffic congestion.

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Natasha (Your Move)

Danielle, well done for turning the construction into an opportunity for parents to consider active modes of travel!🛴 You have earned 10 points for promoting active travel in the Facebook post and I added 10 points for you story detail. It might be worth starting a part an walk initiative (worth 60 points) for those students who do live further away, let us know what you think😊

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