Meeting to discuss Hands up Survey

Leah Wakenshaw
Honeywood Primary School

The 'Your Move Team' met this afternoon to discuss the results of our recent Hands up Travel Survey. The students were very surprised and disappointed to see how many students are still being driven to school.

The first step they will take is to redo the survey on a Wednesday as this is our 'Wheels on Wednesday' day that most students arrive on bikes and scooters. We will then look at the results and see whether adding a second day of 'Wheels' or splitting the age groups across two days.

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James (Your Move)

Those big smiles do a good job of hiding any disappointment! Clearly you have a team organised for 2020, so I have linked your story to the relevant activity and that gives you 60 points. When you upload survey results using our online tool you also automatically get 50 points for a 'start of year' or 'end of year survey' or 20 points for any other survey.

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