New Bike Racks for the ECE Playground

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

The ECE students and families are so excited to finally have bike racks to store their bikes in.

A school was giving away the bike racks so a Facebook message was sent to the families asking if anyone had a trailer that we could use to pick up the bike racks.

Having a fantastic school community we were lucky to have a family volunteer to go and pick up the bike racks on the weekend and deliver them to the school. Another family had a trailer that could be used.

Between the generosity of two families we now have bike racks installed in the ECE area for the students to store their bikes.

A Facebook post was sent to the families to advertise the bike racks and thank those who helped make this happen.

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James (Your Move)

Nice effort everyone 😍. Great to see these re-used racks in place, and by the looks of things, in a very secure area too. You have earned 80 points for this infrastructure improvement, 10 points for your promo on social media, and another 10 points for sharing all those wonderful details with us. Have a wonderful week Danielle!

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