Obstacle Course

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Today a year 5/6 class and the Student Leaders (Your Move) created an obstacle course for the students to ride, scoot or skate through during first and second break.

Students were encouraged to bring their bikes, scooters or skates to our "Wheels Day" to give the Obstacle Course a go.

The students had so much fun riding, scooting, or skating through the obstacle course during first and second break.

Some of our skaters definitely got better over the day dodging the obstacles and turning the corner after a going down a slight hill.

The resilience displayed, and smiles on the students' faces was priceless.

The students said they had so much fun and hope we can do it again.

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James (Your Move)

This is a nice addition to your "Wheels Day" Danielle. Great to hear that the students want to do it again! You have earned 30 points for your obstacle course event and 10 points for your engaging story. I can't believe I have almost caught up with your 18 stories from this week - but dare I suggest another one? You haven't yet posted an update on your "Wheels on Wednesday" regular AT day this term - it would be great to hear how that has been going!

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