Playground Fun

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

As Honeywood Primary School is a new school opened fully in 2018 we are lucky enough to have amazing facilities.

Not only do we have a huge oval for students to play on we are extremely fortunate to have an absolutely amazing "Wandi Nature playground" attached to the end of our oval.

The students are not permitted to go the playground during school time but the Admin team with other staff members will announce once or twice every fortnight that we are walking to the playground and students are welcome to join us during their break.

When we announce the playground visit 80% of our students will join us.

We have also incorporated the playground into our faction rewards. When factions achieve a certain number of points the students from that faction are rewarded with half an hour of supervised play in the playground.

By incorporating the playground into school activities this has encouraged many students to visit the playground after school hours with their family.

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James (Your Move)

What a beautiful looking oval and playground - very convenient! Well done for introducing these systems for taking advantage of this great infrastructre.

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