RAC Sponsorship

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Honeywood Primary School is extremely excited to have applied to RAC for sponsorship re: Support to develop the "Wheels on Wednesday" bike track.

We applied for assistance in purchasing street signs to erect, Zebra crossings and working traffic lights.

The RAC sponsorship has provided us with $2500 to purchase the materials we required and also use funds to pay for labour and services to construct the necessary purchases.

The zebra crossings have already been installed and we are aiming to have everything up and running by the commencement of 2020.

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James (Your Move)

Well done in receiving that grant Danielle! I'm sure that $2500 will go a long way to make improvements - working traffic lights sound amazing! Who is helping with the technicalities of that? You received 40 points for gaining this grant. Was it the "Grass roots" grant scheme?

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