Road Safety at Honeywood Primary

Merinda Smith
Honeywood Primary School

Our Kindy students at Honeywood Primary have been learning all about road and bike safety.

Lessons have included discussing why helmets are important to wear and then they had fun designing their own colourful helmets. We have some future designers in the making!

Other lessons about safe places to play involved paintings and writing sentences about finding safe places to play that weren't on the road or driveway.

The road safety message of stop look and listen was part of another health lesson with students able to order the correct order and demonstrate actions they needed to complete at each step.

Well done kindy students you are learning to be safe while using our roads and learning to ride your bikes.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move, Merinda! You have earned 12 points for posting your first story - well done 😊. You have also earned 60 points for the activity "Promote Road Safety with SDERA" in Term 3, and 10 points for sharing all the details of your road safety lessons. Thanks for this update and have a fabulous Friday 😁.

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