Road Safety Unit in Pre-Primary

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

The Pre-Primary did a whole series of lessons on Road Safety.

Activity 1: the students drew a large map on a piece of cardboard and spent time labeling the streets and drawing street signs, crosswalks, traffic lights, roundabouts etc. As a whole class we discussed the different signs we would see on the roads and what they meant.

Activity 2: Students role played "Stop, Look, Listen and Think" and safely crossed at the crosswalk on the bike track.

Activity 3: Students made cars from cardboard boxes and role played putting on seat belts and getting in and out the safety door.

Activity 4: Students made common street signs that they see in their environment and these were put on the back track during outdoor play. We had discussions regarding where we might see these signs and what they mean when we are out and about.

Activity 5: We learnt all about bike safety and the importance of wearing helmets. We made faces and gave them helmets, making sure it was fitted correctly and their chin strap was done up 🙂

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James (Your Move)

I like how interactive and hands-on all these PP road safety lessons are. You have earned 15 points for the lessons plus 10 points for outlining all the details.

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