Safe Routes to School Painting Day

Danielle Howton

We had eight very excited students at school this morning.

They put on their old clothes and hit the pavement ready to paint the stop signs and the footprints for the students at Honeywood to follow to get to school.

A member from WestCycle joined the students to show them how to paint the stencils on the pavement.

Not only did they learn how to paint stencils they also discussed which government would have been asked to gain permission to paint on the footpaths.

To add to the excitement a member from the City of Kwinana also popped in to see what the students were doing and explained more about Local Government.

The students painted blue footprints for students to follow to get to Honeywood Primary School and Red and white stop signs to show students where to stop and check whether it is safe to cross the road.

It was a fantastic morning and not only were footprints and stop signs painted on the pavements, they also collected rubbish on the way and put it in the bins.

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Hi Danielle, sounds like it was a great morning and good to see the stencils popping up all over the suburb. Perhaps you could add to them each year as a classroom activity? Cheers - Trevor

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James (Your Move)

Nice work everyone! Your team effort has earned you 70 points for this Safe Routes activity, and the engaging story gives you another 10 points Danielle! Have a wonderful week everyone 😊.

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