SDERA Conference

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

On Wednesday 27th June a deputy and a classroom teacher attended the SDERA Conference- "Destination Well-being" at Rendezvous in Scarborough. As Honeywood Primary School is a brand new school opening from Kindy- Year 6 in 2018 we were in search of ideas to create a whole school health program. SDERA provided relief to release two staff members to attend the PL.

The conference "Destination Well-being" focused on expanding teacher knowledge and skills in delivering best practice resilience, road safety and alcohol and other drugs education with the purpose of keeping young people safer.

SDERA programs and resources build young people's resilience and empower them to make safer choices on the road and in alcohol and drug related situations. The programs are mapped to the WA Curriculum Health and Physical Education Syllabus and General Capabilities and supported by the Department of Education

While attending the conference we were informed of a program run by SDERA called "CHAT"- Changing Health Acting Together. When we returned to school we sent an email to SDERA asking for more information about CHAT.

A consultant from SDERA replied to the email and a meeting was organised to provide us with more information on the CHAT process.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for all the details on the SDERA PD Danielle - you got a bonus 10 points for that. Did one of you get to attend the segment on Road Safety?

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