Second Whole School Survey

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

The years 1-6 attended a whole school assembly in the undercover area.

We discussed that we weer going to survey the students again on how they got to school on that particular day.

We discussed the modes of transport to school and the students came up with walking, riding a bike or scooter or coming to school driven in a car.

Students were asked to think about how they came to school on that morning and were then asked to put their hand up for each category.

After the second attempt as some students put their hand up for two or three modes of transport and the process had to be explained again the results were calculated.

Individual class teachers recorded the number of students in their class for each category and the results were tallied.

It was evident that most students came via car that morning and we discussed why.

It was decided that the weather had been bad this week and there was inter-school jumps the day before and inter-school sports day the next day. Many students were tired and were also not going to risk the weather.

The results were calculated and changed to a whole school percentage.

90% came via car. 7% rode their bike or scooter and 3% walked.

As the results were disappointing we will instigate more days where we will promote and reward students who ride or walk to school. We also were very aware that the weather had been bad and there were two inter-school carnivals in that week.

As we do wheels on Wednesday every Wednesday it is unfair to do the survey on that day which limited the days we could do the survey. On Wednesdays 80% of students would ride to school or bring their scooters.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like a very interactive assembly - and it has earned Honeywood lots of points! 30 points for having an assembly promoting YM, 20 points for doing a travel survey and a big 90 points for your regular active travel day (Wheels on Wednesday). I might have missed something, but I think this was your first mention of your weekly WoW activity - I'm glad it didn't slip our attention any longer!

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James (Your Move)

Oh and a bonus 10 points for letting us know exactly how the assembly went with a final bonus of 5 points for your school's reflection on the reasons for the high percentage of car trips.

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