Staff Knowledge and Understanding of Policies

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Admin wanted all staff to have a sound knowledge of all school policies, including Road Safety Guidelines.

This was to be achieved at a whole school staff meeting.

In order for the session to be interactive and a little bit of fun a quiz afternoon was organised.

All staff were asked to ensure they read all school policies and had a good understanding of them before the meeting.

Staff were placed in teams of 5 and participated in the quiz afternoon session. All questions asked were based on information read in the policies.

Traditional quiz night games were also played including- heads and tails, stack the plastic cup competition, raffles and throw a 20 cent coin to see who could get the closest to the voucher (cash in a duty for an admin member to complete it for them).

The information based in the policies was reinforced by staff answering the questions as a small group and the answers read at the end of each round.

The quiz afternoon was very successful and the outcome was achieved of all staff knowing where to access school policies, having an understanding of what is in each policy and revising the information.

The Road Safety Guidelines were reinforced and fresh in all staff minds. The questions asked also promoted discussion between staff such as hour many hours staff were expected to teach road safety over a year.

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James (Your Move)

I like your innovative way of improving staff awareness of school policies - so you have a bonus 15 points for your creativity!

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Yes what a great idea to make learning school policies a fun, engaging exercise? I bet they retain that knowledge better than just reading the pdf!

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