Wheels on Wednesday

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Students from years 1-6 are encouraged to bring their bikes to school every Wednesday. During first and second break students are allowed to ride their bikes or scooters in a set direction around the school.

Students must have signed permission form from their parents and must wear a helmet if they are to participate.

Students are also allowed to use roller blades or roller skates, but again only if they have a signed permission slip from their parents and are wearing a helmet.

The bike police also attended one break and joined in on the fun. At the end of the break they gave a brief talk to all students on bike safety and road rules.

Every Wednesday we have a high percentage of students riding to school to participate in Wheels on Wednesday.

A story and video about our 'Wheels on Wednesday' initiative was featured on the ABC Perth Facebook page. Unfortunately we don't own the content but you can view the story by following this link.

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David (Your Move)

Great work Danielle. That's a great initiative and the ABC story feature is a real bonus!

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James (Your Move)

I just watched the video and I loved it! It really comes across what a fun activity you have created. I'd love to know if having such a 'playtime' activity is more effective at getting kids to ride to school that simply promoting a day to ride to school. I'll stay tuned!

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Fantastic! I'm going to share this with our Albany schools - love to see it take off here too.

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