Whole School Plan

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

After an initial meeting with SDERA representatives Honeywood Primary school signed up to join the CHAT initiative.

The first step was to form a Health CHAT committee which consisted of an admin member- deputy, a senior school classroom teacher and an ECE classroom teacher.

The second step was to conduct a whole school audit on - Ethos and Environment, Curriculum and Parents and Community. Each section of the survey focused on the three areas of Resilience, Drug and Road Safety education. The survey is used as baseline data for the project.

The next stage was to meet with the representatives from SDERA and plan outcomes and actions for the Bronze level of the project.

During the whole day planning session we developed our outcomes and actions - 1. To develop a scope and sequence from Kindergarten to year 6 for Protective Behaviours, Resilient, Drug and Road Safety education, nutrition and sexual health by the end of Term 4, 2018. 2. ยท To develop Drug and Road Safety school policies as well as review other mandated department policies by end of Term 4, 2018. 3. Share relevant policies with parents as well as provide information about our school health overview throughout 2019

Our next stage is to implement our outcomes.

There are 7 stages to each levle of the CHAT process- 1. Form a committee. 2. Conduct an audit. 3. Plan outcomes and actions. 4. Implement. 5. Monitor. 6. review. 7. Achieve outcomes and celebrate.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Danielle - it's great news that you've signed up to SDERA's CHAT program - I've given you 25 points for joining a complementary program plus a bonus 10 for filling us in with all the details. Make sure you keep us up to date with your progress especially related to Road Safety.

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