Whole School RAC Incursion

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Honeywood Primary School participated in an incursion with the RAC from PP- Year 6.

The topics covered were as follows...Pre-Primary – Explore Road Safety-Pretend to be a Little Legends Club character and practise road safety. Year 1 – Pathways to School -Using a large road mat, we reinforce the ‘stop, look, listen, think’ concept. Year 2 – Crash Scene Investigation -Students become crash scene investigators to understand bike, pedestrian and passenger safety. Year 3 – The Wheels Go Round -A workshop around bike safety, from safety gear to building a bike. Year 4 – Seatbelt Safety Eggsperiment -Students become scientists and use egg crash simulations to learn the importance of seatbelts. Year 5 – Wheel of Consequence -Students develop knowledge about rules and laws in relation to pedestrian, passenger and bicycle safety. Using interactive keypads, students learn about decision making in relation to road safety. Year 6 – Being Green and Being Safe -Students learn about alternative sources of fuel and build solar-powered cars with safety features.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The PP class went to swimming lessons straight after their incursion. They were heard saying- "Stop, Look, Listen, think" on their way to get on the bus.

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James (Your Move)

I love it when you can tune in to little snippets of what the kids have learnt! Thanks for sharing Danielle.

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