Year 1 Evaluation of STEAM Project

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

The year 1 class completed a whole STEAM project on road safety.

After the project was completed the students evaluated what they had done.

There were three steps to the evaluation.

The first step was for the students to complete the two stars and a wish feedback sheet. The two stars were things they were happy with and the wish was for something they would change if they did it again.

The second step was for the students to reflect as to whether they met the criteria set for the project. The classroom teacher also reflected as to whether the student met the criteria.

The last step involved the students getting feedback from one of their peers as to whether they felt the project was successful. A photo was added and a QR code for parents to view if they wished.

The whole STEAM project on road safety was extremely successful and the students learnt a lot about road signs. .

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing the students' evaluation of the STEAM project. That is a perfect way to finish off the activity. As a project manager by trade I love seeing such attention to detail in the project cycle! The QR code for parents is a really nice addition.

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