YOUR MOVE- Case Study

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

The Community Development Officer from Kwinana visited Honeywood Primary school to discuss initiatives and programs we run at our school.

He was very interested in the YOUR MOVE program and wanted to learn more about the program.

We explained what the program was about and how it worked.

After hearing all about the program the Community Development Officer was keen to use our school as a case study. This case study would be promoted in other schools to promote the program and encourage other schools in the Kwinana area to become involved.

An email with questions was sent to us and completed.

We are now in the process of commencing the case study which will be published and distrbuted to other schools.

A copy of the questions and our answers is attached.

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Fantastic story Danielle. Great that your journey through the Your Move program will hopefully inspire other schools to get on board the program. Your school has taken a whole school approach to encouraging safe, active travel- well done.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Danielle - thanks for taking the time to contribute to the City of Kwinana case study project and for sharing it all with us (you have earned 25 points for that, plus 10 for all the details and document). It is very interesting to see all the rewards you have received - they certainly add up don't they? It is also very positive to hear how easy you find it to implement and how well it fits in with Honeywood's priorities and other activities.

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James (Your Move)

Oh, by the way, don't forget to give us an update on your Wheels on Wednesday - remember you can earn 90 per term for an update on a regular AT day!

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