Your Move Grant

Danielle Howton

A huge thank you to Your Move for the grant that was approved in 2022

Close to $15000 was utilised on activities that promoted, supported and built capacity for increased participation in active travel, and further developed a culture of continued active travel in the school community.

The grant provided all of our PP students to attend an excursion to the Constable Care Safety School so the students could explore real-life transport risks and practice road, pedestrian, bike and public transport.

All of our year three students participated in four Bike Education lessons supplied by People on Bicycles over the term. The goal was to get more students to ride a bike more competently and confidently. There are many advantages of early Bike Education ranging from increased physical activity, awareness of sustainability and making active transport a habit early in life. This also encouraged students to utilise a bike more often for short trips and, with the help of their parents, start riding a bike to school.

People on Bicycles also conducted free bike safety checks on the students bikes to make them safe to ride on the roads.This was utilised by many students in the whole school.

Honeywood Primary School also purchased an adult bike and tricycle to be utilised by staff during Wheels Days, and for students that do not own their own personal bikes. Additional small tricks were also purchased for the Early Childhood students to use during breaks on their bike track.

Freestyle Now provided free skateboarding, bike, roller skating and scooter training to all of our year 5s and 6s. This increased their skills and the want to utilise different forms of active travel. The sessions created a huge interest in different forms of active travel and also increased the chances of students bringing their bikes, scooters, roller skates or skateboards to use during our three wheels days during breaks.

We are confident that all of the above activities will increase the chances of more active travel within our school community.

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James (Your Move)

A great outcome for Honeywood 😊! Thanks for sharing all the benefits you received from your 2022 CS Grant, Danielle. You have earned 20 points for applying for the grant, 20 for acquitting it, 80 for the Bike Ed sessions, 50 for Constable Care and 20 for your detailed story.

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