Tour de Stirling IKEA Champion

Flavia Torres

We have many competitive co-workers at IKEA Perth, but I doubt anyone would have made the effort Taylor did today for the Tour de Stirling. He's our very own Cadel Evans!!!

Taylor did a 3hr and 20min bike ride today, a total of 113km. He woke up early at 4 am and began his journey to work. His commitment and efforts in the Your Move Cup have been admirable.

Here are some snaps from his early morning ride.

For going above and beyond today, Taylor was awarded a $50 TBE gift card. We wish Taylor the best of luck with the Tour de Stirling competition and hope he's crowned the WINNER!

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James (Your Move)

That is one crazy commute - but I'm certainly feeling inspired! My commute these days is often about 10 metres to my home office, but this story makes me think I should become one of those faux commuters I've read about and find an excuse to spend an hour or so on my bike between breakfast and turning on the computer. Thanks Taylor and Flavia for sharing this inspiration - it has earned you another 10 points too!

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