Your Move Cup

Flavia Torres

IKEA Perth is excited to be part of the Your Move Cup, competing against the City of Stirling and the Department of Transport to see which organisation commutes the most sustainably. At this stage, IKEA is tracking well, with the highest number of supporters. We are also not far behind the City of Stirling, and we are hoping to close that gap this weekend!

It was a slow start for IKEA to get our co-workers involved in the competition. With the help of our selected players, we were able to round up supporters who are keen to change the way they commute to work.
We have seen an increase in commitment from our co-workers in the last week. Many of them are now choosing to cycle to work and take advantage of the great weather.

We have also implemented an internal competition with prizes for those Players and Supporters who finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This extra incentive has added some friendly competition to the mix, and we have seen a significant increase in just a few days.

With only six days to go, we still feel confident that IKEA is in with a chance to win the cup!

Here are two of our co-workers leading by example and showing us how great it is to ride to work.

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear participation in the YM Cup is starting to wind up thanks to the help of your players! You have earned 50 points for participating in the Cup plus 10 points for sharing with us the inside story. I have also given you 15 bonus points for your tweak of adding your internal prize - great to hear that it is bringing positive results!.

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Thank you James :)!

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