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Gill Strange

Gold at Inglewood Primary School.

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Last year we were very fortunate to have an excellent group of parents, staff and students who got behind the ‘Your Move’ program. This meant that we became eligible to receive a Connecting Schools grant worth up to $2400. By the end of the year we had 45% of our students using active transport where the national average was 34%.

With the grant money, the school installed 2 new scooter racks and 1 bike rack, all of which was being well used within the first day of installation. A big thank you to “Your Move". This week the students enjoyed a scooter lunchtime session, the scooter racks were a great success for storing the extra scooters at school. Stay tuned for photos and the story behind the scooter day.

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Gill Strange

We have our shirts!

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We are the 2020 'Your Move' Leaders. At our last meeting we were given our polo shirts. They are awesome. We also discussed our roles and thought about the prizes we were going to give the students and how many holes that needed to be punched for them to receive one. Last Friday morning, we had our first day on the job punching holes in the students 'Your Move' card if they walked cycled or scooted to school. It was the best. We had so much fun, we can't wait for next Friday and the next mystery day.

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Aileen Honan

Inglewood Primary Walking School Bus Term 3

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Our Walking School Bus had a great Term 3. The number of participants has been consistent with an additional 3 students joining during this term. The volunteers that drive the WSB are fantastic and really enable our WSB to run so well.

We continued to use the star card rewards this term, which still proves to be a great incentive for the kids.

We were very fortunate to purchase new hi-vis vests, printed with the Walking School Bus logo. The Inglewood Primary P&C generously funded the cost. The vests look great on!

We are looking forward to the spring /summer morning walks this term. The brighter weather will also help boost our numbers.

IMG_6018.jpg (1)
IMG_6096.jpg (1)

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Aileen Honan

Inglewood Primary Walking School Bus

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The Walking School Bus launched at the start of term 2 at Inglewood Primary. We have one route up and running with 10 participants and 3 volunteers. It runs once a week.

Our Walking School Bus journey began during term 1. A WSB co-ordinator was nominated through our school P+C. We needed to gauge the level of interest out there, so we sent a survey home requesting information on the potential of participation and volunteering in a local Walking School Bus.

The response was positive, and the planning began. We invited those who could volunteer to meet up at a local coffee shop to discuss various issues, such as the best and safest route to walk. What guidelines should we implement? And finding out what was the best day of the week to run the bus?

your move pics.jpg (1)

We attended the Your Move Schools forum in April. This proved to be a great source of information and in particular, about starting up a Walking School bus for your school.
On our first day, there was a great buzz amongst the volunteers and the kids. The sun was out, and we were ready to take our first bus journey. We gave all of our passenger’s star cards to use on the day the bus runs. This has proven to be a great motivator for the kids.

The overall feedback from the kids has been great and they seemed to have really enjoyed taking part in the WSB this term. The plan is to expand our numbers and add more routes over term 3. We will aim to do this with continuous promotion via newsletters and social media groups associated with the school.

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Gill Strange

Sparks are flying

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What a fantastic morning we had at the ‘Your Move ‘ forum. Having an enthusiastic parent sitting beside me certainly motivated me to keep the ‘Your Move’ sparks flying at our school. We have so many ideas to follow up and I have invited her to join our student ‘Your Move’ leaders at our weekly meeting. The beginning of our walking school bus together with the contacts we have made is a recipe for success. Thank you for taking the time to plan the forum:)

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Gill Strange

Decorate your bike day (1)

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To celebrate National Ride To School Day our school held a decorate your bike competition. We have some very talented students with some brilliant ideas! Fancy finding a lion and a rolling watermelon in our playground! A big thank you to our ‘Your Move’ student leaders who organised the event and successfully judged a very difficult competition.


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Gill Strange
Inglewood Primary School

A New Team

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Last Friday at the school assembly our ‘Your Move team’ spoke about ‘Your Move’ program. We made a chart to show all the prizes that the students could win when they had their star card stamped by riding, scooting or walking to school. We are now planning our next event in ‘Bike Week’, so stay tuned!


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Kate Fitzpatrick

Decorate Your Bike Day

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To celebrate Bike Week we held a “Decorate Your Bike Day” with almost the whole school participating. Students brought along their decorated bike; some were kooky and some were stellar but all showed originality and effort. Over 100 bikes and scooters filled the school bike racks so there was excellent participation. The winners received a prize like squishies, bells, skipping ropes and the winners received a certificate. It was a very successful day.


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Gill Strange

Celebrating another year.

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Well 2017 ended on a high with all 16 classes from years 1 to 6 participating in bike education lessons. After 3 weeks of students cycling around the makeshift basketball court 'roads' they became very confident handling their bikes or scooters in many different made up situations. People opening car doors, wayward balls crossing the road, cars coming out of driveways and pedestrians forgetting which side to walk on , tested the students skills and made them aware of the dangers on roads and footpaths. We look forward to seeing the students practise their skills this year riding to school:)


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Gill Strange
Inglewood Primary School

Inspiration 2018

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What a great day we have had so far networking with other teachers and organisations. Nicky Ridgers gave an interesting presentation on her research relating to the importance of kids using active transport to get to school and the impact on their overall wellbeing. Other speakers also reinforced the importance of physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle. It has been a very inspiring session and I can't wait to motivate our 2018 your move team.

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Kate Fitzpatrick
Inglewood Primary School

Inglewood Primary School Walkathon


On Friday 3 November, students from Kindy to year 6 participated with energy and enthusiasm at the annual P&C Walkathon. It was a beautiful afternoon of sunshine for students to walk and run many laps around the oval. Students received a stamp for every lap they completed. Some students completed up to 20 laps.

The Kindergarten students also enjoyed their opportunity to participate in their very first walkathon on the Kindergarten site while the Pre-primary students completed laps around the Pre-primary site.

Students sought sponsorship from friends, family and neighbours and all money raised went to the P & C to purchase equipment for the school.

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Kate Fitzpatrick


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Walk to school Day.jpg

Every year since 1999 primary schools in Australia have been holding a National Walk Safely to School Day.

Safety Houses display yellow balloons from the front of their properties on this morning so the children know where they are.

The reason we have this event is to encourage and promote children and families to walk to school instead of getting their parents to drop them off in the car. Walking to school is a good way for kids to get some healthy exercise before the school day has begun.

Even though Friday the 19th May was colder and rainier than usual we still had some good support at Inglewood Primary on this day. Anyone who walked, rode their bike, took scooters, or skated qualified for a free breakfast. It was hard to say how many more ended up commuting to school this way than usual, but all of those who did were rewarded with stickers, hot chocolate and muffins. The muffins were delicious and we’d like to thank the parents who helped make and serve all the food and drinks!



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