Inglewood Primary Walking School Bus Term 3

Aileen Honan
Inglewood Primary School

Our Walking School Bus had a great Term 3. The number of participants has been consistent with an additional 3 students joining during this term. The volunteers that drive the WSB are fantastic and really enable our WSB to run so well.

We continued to use the star card rewards this term, which still proves to be a great incentive for the kids.

We were very fortunate to purchase new hi-vis vests, printed with the Walking School Bus logo. The Inglewood Primary P&C generously funded the cost. The vests look great on!

We are looking forward to the spring /summer morning walks this term. The brighter weather will also help boost our numbers.

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James (Your Move)

Great update Aileen. And it's postive to hear the student numbers have increased and the volunteers' energy is shining through. The vests look dazzling - good effort getting the P&C onboard! You received 70 points for your term update plus 10 points for giving us all the stimulating details.

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