Inglewood Primary Walking School Bus

Aileen Honan

The Walking School Bus launched at the start of term 2 at Inglewood Primary. We have one route up and running with 10 participants and 3 volunteers. It runs once a week.

Our Walking School Bus journey began during term 1. A WSB co-ordinator was nominated through our school P+C. We needed to gauge the level of interest out there, so we sent a survey home requesting information on the potential of participation and volunteering in a local Walking School Bus.

The response was positive, and the planning began. We invited those who could volunteer to meet up at a local coffee shop to discuss various issues, such as the best and safest route to walk. What guidelines should we implement? And finding out what was the best day of the week to run the bus?

We attended the Your Move Schools forum in April. This proved to be a great source of information and in particular, about starting up a Walking School bus for your school.
On our first day, there was a great buzz amongst the volunteers and the kids. The sun was out, and we were ready to take our first bus journey. We gave all of our passenger’s star cards to use on the day the bus runs. This has proven to be a great motivator for the kids.

The overall feedback from the kids has been great and they seemed to have really enjoyed taking part in the WSB this term. The plan is to expand our numbers and add more routes over term 3. We will aim to do this with continuous promotion via newsletters and social media groups associated with the school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Aileen. Thanks for your radiant update of the Inglewood PS Walking School Bus - the positive vibes just shine through in your writing! It's really nice to hear that the forum was a big help in getting things off the ground. Getting the WSB up and running has earned you 90 points (I linked the story for you to the relevant activity) and you got another 10 points for making it such a nice read. Remember to do an update each term to keep the points coming in.

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David (Your Move)

Nice one Aileen! It's great to hear you've got this up and running with such enthusiasm. We're really happy to hear the presentation at the forum Emma at North Morley PS was beneficial for you. As James said, keep us posted with an update every term to get your WSB points!

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Wow Aileen - you did it!! Anything is possible with the enthusiasm and dedication from parents at a school. Glad to hear the students are loving it too!!

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