Kate Hingston

Every year since 1999 primary schools in Australia have been holding a National Walk Safely to School Day.

Safety Houses display yellow balloons from the front of their properties on this morning so the children know where they are.

The reason we have this event is to encourage and promote children and families to walk to school instead of getting their parents to drop them off in the car. Walking to school is a good way for kids to get some healthy exercise before the school day has begun.

Even though Friday the 19th May was colder and rainier than usual we still had some good support at Inglewood Primary on this day. Anyone who walked, rode their bike, took scooters, or skated qualified for a free breakfast. It was hard to say how many more ended up commuting to school this way than usual, but all of those who did were rewarded with stickers, hot chocolate and muffins. The muffins were delicious and we’d like to thank the parents who helped make and serve all the food and drinks!

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Good to hear students were willing to brave the rain and cold. The added incentive of muffins and hot chocolate probably helped as well! It would be great to get some idea on future event days of how many students actually chose an active travel option to school. A quick hands up survey on the day can achieve this and you can then compare this to a hands up survey conducted on a non-event day. Any plans to run smaller-scale regular events to encourage active travel?

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