2020 review

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

A year of difference for teachers and staff at our school. No different than most other schools in WA or in fact the world. In some ways we did have it rather ‘normal’ in WA but in terms of promoting active transport to and from school it was a challenge.

We did need to cancel some regular events, most notably the Cycle to School breakfast. This has been a great event in the past and really the kick start to our promotion of cycling/scooting or walking to school.

However we did manage to get in some other regular events. The year six class could have their ‘Bike Ed’ lessons and these went really well. The students, under good teaching and guidance from their teacher, were introduced to bike awareness and road safety. They conducted bike checks, rectifies small problems and generally have great bikes for their lessons. They followed a ‘Let’s Ride’ program, a quality program provided through Cycling Australia, delivered through a Sporting Schools grant. The students were taught basic road safety, balance, scanning, bike control, (with a favourite activity being the slow bike race) weaving, learning the road rules and much more. Here are some pictures of these lessons.

These lessons were concluded with a ‘Bike Ed’ excursion, where together with volunteer parents small groups were able to spend the day on their bikes riding to a local park near the beach for a well deserved lunch, followed by another hour and a half ride back to school. During the day many of the students cycled about 35km. A great effort.

Early this term we were also able to demonstrate our riding skills when we went to Rottnest Island for the day. A great highlight for the class who had lots of fun exploring the island, and swimming at some great beaches, including the Basin.

Another event that we had in the year six class, that tied in with bike safety and our technologies class, was a project where we sources bikes that needed repairs. We identified the problems and safety defects with the bike and repaired them. We sourced parts from a local bike shop, Passmore Cycles’ and after the bike was in good condition we made adverts to sell the ‘new’ bikes. The project was a great success and we sold the bike for a price that covered our costs.


We are a Grade Six class working on this project to fix and sell this bike. It is well-repaired by one of our best fixer students and is a great quality brand, ‘Black Thunder.’

It is for a child 9+.

Price: $80 - $150

If you’re interested please contact us at: r.......@jcsa.wa.edu.au

So cycling was promoted in many different ways, but we do hope to step it up next year, with plans in place to form a Your Move committee to keep the initiative going that promotes healthy options in our transport to school wherever possible.

Wishing you all a safe holiday ….. and keep cycling :)

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James (Your Move)

It's never too late to give us an update on the year - and you have proved it by earning a big 249 points for your story Rick! You certainly got in lots of very hands on bike promotion and earned points accordingly - 80 points for your Bike Ed, 40 points for your 35km excursion, 40 points for your Rottnest bike excursion and 50 points for your maintenance workshops. I also gave you a bonus 20 points for your very informative writeup. You too have a great holiday - see you in 2021!

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