A great day riding around town!

Renske Veltkamp

After numerous postponements due to bad weather Year 6 students were finally able to hold their Bike Ed excursion around Albany. During term 2 the Year 6s practiced their riding skills in and around the school. The main focus of these lessons was riding safely around the community. Some of the skills the students learnt were hand signals, how to perform an emergency stop, riding safely on the road, riding in single file and small groups. We also had an opportunity to have the bikes checked by a local bike mechanic to make sure that everything was in good working order.

So, after a lot of preparations and some postponement disappointment we finally had a break in the weather and were able to head out into town to practice our skills on the roads and bike paths in and around Albany. The class was split up into groups of four and lead by a parent or teacher. Each group headed off in various directions. Some went into town and explored the foreshore, while others headed towards Emu point. We met together at lunch at Eyre Park for a BBQ lunch before heading off again at one o’clock.

By 3pm all the students and somewhat tired parents were back at school! Despite the puddles and debris lying around from recent storms, the day went perfectly and without a hitch! It was clear that the students had learnt a lot from the lessons and were able to apply them out on the roads of Albany. This excursion has been an excellent preparation for our next bike event in Term 4 when we hope to spend a day on Rottnest riding around and seeing the sights!

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James (Your Move)

What a successful day out for everyone! You have earned a further 20 points for getting the year 6s out, following the older group last week. You also earned 20 points for putting together an engaging story 😊. Next stop - Rottnest (the ferry must be quite long from Albany 🤔).

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