Collection of Bike Promotion gifts

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

Excitement abounded in the class as I walked in looking like Father Christmas. A large bag full of goodies and two floor pumps under my arms.

The class was not sure what was going on but I soon told them the reason of the packages. The school qualified and received a Silver Status for stories submitted on the Your Move web page, thus enabling me to choose a package. I chose the Bike promotion package. With super correspondence with Carol-Ann from Your Moves, I was able to support a local bike store, Passmore Cycles, who put a package of gifts together that will now be used as rewards for those who, after encouragement, will endeavour to cycle, scoot or walk to school more than they have been.

The rewards were displayed to the class and as expected they were all excited and started working out ways that their mode of transport to school would change. The gifts included: wireless bike computers, riding gloves, MTB pedals, pumps, hand grips and bike cleaners. Passmore Cycles delivered a great package and we hope the encouragement to cycle to school will pay off. A chart is being made to record the activity for the rest of the term.

Thanks to the Department of Transport and the Your Move team. Here is a picture of the rewards with two excited class members.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds and looks like a great selection of rewards - and it's encouraging to hear that the students are already thinking about ways to change their trip to school. You've received 10 points for holding the team meeting and another 10 for the story quality. You did link your story to the Regular Active Travel Day activity - once you let us know all about that you can also get lots more points!

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Hi Rick. Thanks for sharing your story! So pleased the kids are already thinking about how these goodies will change or improve their journey to school. Exactly the outcome we hope to see with a grant like this.

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