Cycle to School 2019

Rick Eikelboom

Waking up this morning we listened for any signs of rain on our roof or wind. No! That's great, as this morning the school held our annual cycle to school day. It was a week later than the intended day we had hoped to have it, but the excitement in our class and around the school was that it didn't matter which week we were having it. What was important was that we are having it and a nice breakfast was waiting at school to be devoured.

The year 10 students, along with some teachers and parents, were at school early making pancakes, cutting up fruit and cooking the not so healthy but yummy bacon and eggs. From about 7am students and parents began arriving at school. We even has a student in our class so keen he arrived at his friends house at 5.40am, and woke his friend up. They got ready and cycled to school via a few tracks to kill some time. Well done boys!

At 7:45am a teacher welcomed everyone to the school and we then all enjoyed a nice relaxing breakfast while many parents and grand parents enjoyed some good social time, catching up with other parents.

In total 180 students and parents cycled to school while another 14 walked. A great result considering many students usually come by car. This morning only 49 students came by car, and not all those students came for breakfast.

Our teacher and a year 10 student took photos of the event and again this morning will be a memory that will remain with us as a great Cycle to School event. As class we are making a committment to cycle or walk more to school and by the end of the year we hope to achieve this goal. By the year sixes.

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James (Your Move)

What a successful start to the Your Move calendar at John Calvin! You have received 40 activity points for your Ride to School Day event, plus 10 for making the story a worthy read with all the details. You also got a bonus 5 points for it being written by the year 6s and another 5 for considering the numbers of students cycling and walking to school as a result of your day. I hope all those crepes got eaten!

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David (Your Move)

Great event guys, and as James has said already, nice story and great photos! Looks like a lot of fun and I'm jealous about the pancakes!

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