Excited kids - Road and Safety program

Rick Eikelboom

This morning I could witness many bikes on the footpaths; their destination our school. Why? Well 3 classes were going to participate in a Road and safety program, run by the City of Albany, on behalf of Your Move and funding from RAC WA.

The years 4 to 6 students were introduced to the two presenters, Caleb and Matt, who were 2 energetic and passionate bike riders. The 3 classes had sessions at different times which lasted for about 1 and a quarter hours.

Starting the sessions the children were taught basic but important road and bike safety. We started with fitting our helmets, followed by a bike safety check, where many children made small adjustments to their bikes, particularly the height of their seats. This followed with important things we need to remember whilst on our bikes with hand signalling an activity we completed. Throughout the session the children learnt about bike balance, braking, respecting other road users and correct riding positioning. Each teaching lesson was followed with an activity on the bike resulting in a very engaging session. Thanks to Matt and Caleb, as well as the City of Albany for providing these lessons. We hope the children will practice these skills and no better time will be tomorrow when the school is holding a cycle to school breakfast. Pancakes Yummm!

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James (Your Move)

Great first YM story! Perfect timing just before your Cycle to School Breakfast.Can't wait to hear how that went!

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