First semester update - quite a few interruptions

Rick Eikelboom

Half a year gone already! At our school it feels like we haven’t been promoting the Your Move message to the students, but in reality we have been busy behind the scenes.

In first term we shared the message throughout the classes as we were not able to have school assemblies. A group of students shared their passion of riding their bikes to school and encouraged cycling and walking to the different grades. This was followed up by the Hands Up Survey.

Due to Covid, we as school cancelled our planned ‘Ride to School’ breakfast, that was to be held on National Ride to School Day. This has traditionally been a big day for the school where many parents would roster time off work to cycle as family to school and enjoy a breakfast. As it needed to be cancelled, the Let’s Move committee proposed to the school management to still have something for the students. It was decided to have a sausage sizzle for lunch. The committee organised the food and drinks, the BBQ’s and rostered on some cooks. The turnout was great and we were impressed that many parents still cycled to school with their children. Lunch was cooked and distributed to the classes.

Term 2 was a bit quiet as covid ran rampant through the school. Despite this the year 6 class had their Bike Ed lessons. The students were taught safety, planned best routes from home to school and participated in basic bike maintenance. Due to sickness the ‘Day Out’ was postponed to next term. The year six class is looking forward to a bike excursion. Their skills will be on display as they cycle around the streets. Of interest is that this bike education is a requirement from some parents to then allow their child to cycle to school with their siblings.

So despite some challenges, the promotion of alternative ways getting to school is alive and well at the school and we are in the planning stages of some exciting programs for the students.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to Your Move for 2022 Rick and everyone at John Calvin 😊. Well despite all the challenges, it sounds like you and the team have managed to make the most of the first part of the year. By presenting to other classes, the team have earned themselves 40 points. You have also earned 40 points for still getting a few riders out and about for NR2SD and another 90 points for running the Bike Ed sessions. Finally you also earned 20 points for giving us a good read at the end of the semester. If you have actually formed a student team, don't forget to do a story on that to receive a minimum of 60 points! Now have a good rest and we'll see you again in a few weeks 😁.

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