New Bikes - What a great day!

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

An early morning email from the local bike shop was the cause for excitement for several teachers and the students at our school. Having a cycling program that runs several times a year meant that many students needed a bike to participate.

However, being a rural city, we have students who live on farms or out of town and bikes aren’t always a priority for those families. So we got together with the Your Move team and came up with a plan to fill the gap of bike shortage. As a school we qualified for a grant, and we used some of our redeemable points to have a starting point with our local bike shop. Stuart and Beau from Passmore Cycles put their heads together and came up with a good bike package that would meet our situation, two small and two medium bikes. We consulted at school and surveyed some students and agreed that this package would be the best for us.

After more constructive communication with the Your Move team, and finding some additional funds from school management, we were able to buy four new Giant bikes, and this morning we got the email saying they were ready to be collected.

Once we got them to school we showed the students and they were thrilled to see them, and yes they all wanted to ride the new bikes 😊

We thank the Department of Transport, Your Move and Passmore Cycles for the bikes and we hope to make good use of them; the year six class with the Bike Ed programs and the year nine and ten students on the mountain biking outdoor education classes. Again a big thanks from us.

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James (Your Move)

That is great news Rick - which grant was it that was used? Was it a Connecting Schools grant? It sounds like you have all come up with a good solution to the problem identified. You have earned 40 points for obtaining the grant and 10 points for sharing all the context.

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Hi James,

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Hi James, Yes it was a connecting Schools grant, one we are very thankful to recieve.

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