New inititive - Walking to School Bus.

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

Being a regional school several students reported that they found it hard to cycle or walk to school from home due to the distance. So after a class discussion of how to include more students in being active before school, and in particularly how they came to school, the year six class came up with an initiative to walk to school from a central point not too far from the school. The walking school bus idea was born and together with the teacher a plan was put into place to carry this out.

However, as it was a new experience, the class decided to limit the passengers for the first day to just the year six class and their siblings. A note went home and parents immediately supported the idea with calls to the teacher for additional parent walkers and supervisors.

The day chosen that suited most students was a Thursday, so last Thursday we congregated at the start point, the local sports centre. In total there were 21 students and 5 parents, and the teacher in charge (the bus driver).

Although the walk wasn't real long, probably 15 minutes, it was a great success and we look forward to expanding the number of students who can participate. The year six students are excited and several students really took leadership, also influencing their mums to come along.

We will continue the Walking School Bus till the end of the year and hopefully reinstate it in term one next year.

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James (Your Move)

Great initiative year 6s! So with 21 students participating that must have been around 3/4, or more, of the class? That is a really good participation rate. I have relinked the story to the "Park and walk" activity (as a WSB picks up kids directly from their door) which gives you 60 points, plus a bonus 10 for the details and another little bonus of 5 for sharing the participation numbers. I'm looking forward to hearing about your expansion plans for 2020 at the end of term!

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