Safe cycle routes to school

Rick Eikelboom

In the last few health lessons, the yr 6 students have been challenged to find the safest way to get to and from school. This activity followed a bike education program called 'Lets Ride,' we completed late second term and into third term. With improved bike skills, it was time to investigate the safest route to school.

With the help of Google Maps, the students could see a birds eye view of the suburbs. They were challenged to come up with 2 possible routes and list the pros and cons of each route. The needed to look at the hazards they could pass and list these as possible dangers or unsafe areas that required extra attention when they pass it on their way to school.

With several options the students decided on the best and safest route, and used their map making skills to construct a map of the route they would take. The maps were completed and taken home to share with their families and in one case the student and siblings now take a safer route to school.

It was a great activity that promotes safety for those who walk or cycle to school. The outcome was achieved and we pray that all students are safe while they walk or cycle to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rick. It's good to hear about this further outcome from your Let's Ride sessions. And even better to know that already there are students who are taking advantage of their new route to school. On top of the 70 points your earned for the activity I have also given you 20 points for describing it in such detail that other schools could do something similar. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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What a great wrap around learning experience. Pairing bike ed with safe route planning is really impactful- evidenced by family that is now travelling on the safe route. Nice work Rick.

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