Term finishes with prize givaways

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

After a very big drive to encourage the students to cycle to school, the year six class has come up trumps. The challenge was set at the beginning of week 3 of 4th term, a challenge to change habits in how they came to school. Cycling was promoted and a record sheet was designed and made by some student for them to mark the days they cycled, scooted or walked to school.

Today we came to the end of the challenge and a collective total of 282 day were recorded by the 16 students in year six. WOW, an average of nearly 18 days each. 5 students cycled a total of 31 or more days out of a possible 33 school days, days we were at school after the challenge started. One student managed 32 days. These students were relatively close to school, within a 5km radius, while other students made great efforts and arrangements to be dropped off at a friends place as they lived out of town on farms.

Earlier this term the school was gifted a 'Bike Promotion Package Voucher' from the Department of Transport, with the voucher spent buying bike related accessories from Passmore Cycles. As rewards the students were able to choose a prize for their outstanding commitment to change travel habits, choosing a healthier way to get to school. prizes included speedometers, lights, pedals, floor pumps, tools, riding gloves, drink bottles, bike cleaners and hand grips. Below are the happy students with their rewards. Thanks to Your Moves for the initiatives and we look forward to continuing next year with healthy habits.

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James (Your Move)

Rick, that really is a worthy result for John Calvin. With an average of 18 out of 33 days it means the year 6s cycled around every second day which is a great effort. Your challenge earned you 50 points plus you received a bonus of 10 points for the helpful details and another 10 points for analysing your results. Great stuff!

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