Introducing the new YM John Curtin Champions for 2020. The 2019 Year 8 champions will join with our well established Sustainability Group - Roots and Shoots Club to develop new programs and activities to promote active transport in 2020.

Passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of the college and protecting endangered species. These leaders will continue to ensure that the John Curtin community continue to work together to recycle, reduce our emissions and actively engage in environmental projects. So pleased they have agreed to embrace the YM project under the Roots and Shoots umbrella!!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Donna for introducing us to your 2020 team - and great to hear that they are integrated into your existing Roots and Shoots structure. Setting up your team has earned you 60 points - remember each term you can earn points by giving us an update on the team's meetings. Looking forward to hearing all the news in 2020!

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