Access maps - How to get to JCCA

Chloe Mallen

Last year we met Rory from West Cycle. This year he and our champion Donna organised a pamphlet that will be given to the incoming Year 6 students as part of their induction to high school. We also have plans to put this on our website and early next year we will post it to our socials to remind people active travel is the best kind of travel :)

This was worked on over many weeks including the students using maps to locate where the bus stops were and the most common walking and biking pathways.This information was then fed back to Rory.

Most of this work was done on google maps which lets just say we were glad the students were there…….

You can see an image of the finished product below. A massive thank you to Rory who organised the final product! We love it :)

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Congratulations all! It's a big job come to fruition, final product looks fantastic! We would love to hear reflections for the 2024 Year 7 Coordinator and your Start of Year Hands Up Survey results. That's 75 points for the Access Guide, 20 pts for your SuperBoost application and 20 pts for your SuperBoost acquittal 🙌🏽

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