Bike Repair Station being put to good use

Chloe Mallen

As part of the Year 10 Outdoor Education course at JCCA the students learn about mountain biking. The bikes we have at school are on the older donated side of things and our poor Phys Ed department were penny pinching trying to get some funds together to buy some more…….

If you imagine a slow run of the Roots & Shoots students across the oval coming in to save the day!!

Alas, it was not new bikes they were bringing but news of a bike repair station that they could take their Cinderella like bikes and polish them into princesses.

We strategically placed the bike repair station near where the Phys Ed department keep the bikes so any repairs/upgrades needing done can be done by the students.

All reports are the students are actually learning how to look after the bikes and fix any small issues which are some great life skills they will be leaving us with.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Corker life skills indeed! Congratulations team JCCA! Always sweet to see the vision realised. That's 50 points for your Bike Repair Installation install and 20 bonus points for storytelling 🙌🏽

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