We are so excited to be one of two lucky recipients of the YM Super Boost BikeRescue grant for Secondary Schools in 2022. This allowed us to unlock a team of professional youth workers disguised as bike mechanics to work with our students.

BikeRescue builds knowledge, social skills, confidence and teamwork through various mechanical and mentoring activities. During BikeRescue, students fully strip and rebuild fifteen bikes. Five are donated to charity, which earns the students the other bike to customise and keep for themself.

We created the ideal venue for this five day intensive bike mechanic course by reversing the bus out of the bus shed for this rainy day activity. We selected the students by asking them to nominate for a place in this exclusive program by completing a Forms survey. They were required to write in 50 words or less why they should be chosen for the course. Student Services were kept informed of the program so that students at educational risk could be guided to complete an application form.

Thanks Your Move for this amazing opportunity to access a resource that would be outside of the normal budget of a DOE school. Without grants like these we could not offer these sorts of opportunities to our students. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank the YM organisers - you really are making a difference.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna - thanks for sharing all the joy and excitement that goes along with the BikeRescue program 😊. Thanks too for giving us the positive feedback on the value of this package - I'll pass on your appreciation to the rest of the team. You have earned 40 points for sharing with us how you are making use of your SuperBoost grant and a bonus 10 points for sharing all those details of how it works. Have fun!

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