John Curtin College are thankful for the opportunity to invite Bike Rescue to work with ten of our students over a five day period to custom build fifteen bikes. Five for charity and ten for students to take home! This bike education training package was a result of the school being awarded a term two, Your Move Super Boost Grant created purposefully with the high school demographic in mind!

The fully qualified youth workers, aka bike mechanics from Dismantle, discussed life goals and pathways with our enthusiastic students who signed up to the program via a Microsoft Form in our student newsletter. Student Services were informed of this opportunity, and were able to nominate students to be involved. Student Services Manager, Claire Krawzow was excited that the Your Move team had engaged the services of Dismantle at no cost to the school - "I love this program and the value it has for students. It's wonderful that the Your Move program could secure this funding for John Curtin as so many students miss out due to the lack of resourcing"

We decided that all students would require to undergo an application process to be accepted in the program. A big thank you to Jeremy our Bike Riding Chaplain who participated in all five days of the program and provided the staffing link between Bike Rescue, the Your Move team and Student Services. This allowed extra supervision of students to be provided without the school paying for a relief teacher.

The school was provided with valuable feedback from Pearl and Brendan from Bike Rescue about how each student engaged with the program and the youth work that was provided. This will assist our pastoral care team when working with these students in future.

The final day included pizza, bicycle tag and certificates awarded from the Dismantle team - recognising the students new bike mechanic skills and their achievement of customising their own bike. Not only that, students were invited to 'hang out' with the team at the Dismantle Head Quarters in the City on a Saturday if they like and can use Pearl or Brendan as a reference for any future job applications.

Thanks so much Your Move for the Super Boost Grant, this was a wonderful experience for all involved and the number of students and staff who dropped by throughout the program to give positive feedback was great promotion for the Your Move team at our large metropolitan school.

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James (Your Move)

I really get the feeling that JCCA is really appreciative of the Super Boost Bike Rescue project - am I right or am I right 😁? Thanks for taking the time for really filling us in on all the benefits as you see it - such positive feedback is very valuable.

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