Super excited to introduce the John Curtin College cross curricular team of Your Move champions Tim Hill (HASS), Mary Perzylo (Outdoor Ed) and Donna Buckley(Maths) who managed to grab a shared DOTT period today to meet to discuss the Your Move Program for 2020.

The feedback from the 2019 parent survey was super useful as it allowed the team to clearly define some of the key areas of concern - such as distances travelled, major roads and bus timetables. A positive discussion occurred and I am sure some great initiatives will occur in response to these discussions.

As a result of the meeting a date has been set for a whole school event, progress has been made to develop maps for our students and links are being developed to Fremantle Council to assist with the 2020 planned activities.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Donna, Mary and Tim (hello Tim - haven't seen you in a while, nice to see you popping up here!). That's great news that you have plans for a whole of school event and getting some maps out there. Also good news that you are working with the super crew at City of Freo. You have earned 25 points for getting a plan together plus a bonus 10 for your interesting discussion.

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