Gold Accreditation Badge arrives

Donna Buckley

It was exciting to have our Gold accreditation badge arrive, acknowledging three years of the College's participation as a Your Move School. The badge was promptly added to our Your Move sign located at the entry near Student Services, adjacent the Year 7 recreation area. With 70% of our students using active transport to arrive at school, this program continues to support the college to encourage and support safe, sustainable and healthier transport choices.

Included with the delivery was a summary of our 2021 achievements. It was nice to reflect back on these, especially given the hectic start to the school year in 2022. The inclusion of the summary, provides us with an easy to read report that can be distributed to our Sustainability Committee and Executive Team - greatly appreciated YM team.

Not only did John Curtin students benefit from being more active, but by posting 11 stories in 2021, we earned ourselves $781 worth of Your Move Points and $4 429 worth of Super Boost Funding and the Your Move reward items.

Now that is something to celebrate!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna - welcome back for 2022! 22% is such a great figure - it must be very rewarding 😊. You have earned 10 points for sharing the details of your achievements - please let us know if you have a celebration with your team or school and you can tick off the "presentation ceremony for YM accrediation" activity!

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