Starting 2023 strong and completing our Hands Up Survey. We have been playing with doing the survey online and our Champion Donna Buckley is a Microsoft Forms genius!! The form she has created splits out the year groups for us and collates the data. This saves us time in the long run and we will be able to reuse the same form in the future.

We also have the opportunity to include staff in our survey and to ask a variety of other questions such as; Do you have a bike at home you could use to actively travel to school?, what incentives would inspire you to actively travel? and what made you decide to come by car?

We are unique at JCCA in that a lot of our students come from outside of our catchment area making that last question very valuable. We also give all students an opportunity to have an input in what they would like to see improved around the school. This will influence what Roots and Shoots decide to do as our yearly plan for Your Move.

We have in the past struggled with completion of the survey but this time around we coupled the survey being online to also individually messaging it out to students and staff (Our intranet system (SEQTA) allows us to easily do this) and we almost doubled the number of students that had an input. YAY..... SUCCESS :D

We will hopefully get time to go through some of this data this week in the meeting.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Chloe - welcome back for 2023! Thanks for the update on your school community travel survey. Doing the survey has earned you 60 points. You have also earned 20 points for sharing all the background and the changes you have made this time around. I look forward to hearing what you discover!

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Chloe, so great to see JCCA getting creative with the HUS. We've heard it can be difficult for high schools to complete an effective HUS sometimes, so appreciate the extra effort and increased response rate.

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