We are getting used to working and connecting online, and our Your Move team decided that this year we would take up the challenge of creating a digital version of the Hands Up Survey for our school community. Using Microsoft Forms and the Your Move logos available at https://www.yourmove.org.au/resources/your-move-style-guide-document-templates-and-logos/ we were able to develop an online survey for our staff and students.

Collecting and analysing data is an essential part of this program and students in the YM committee were curious to ask further questions. These questions included how students planned to get home from school and if they do travel by car, why they chose this option and what postcode they lived in. It was interesting to note that nearly two thirds of our students travel by public transport home compared to 55% who traveled by public transport to school.

Participation was down from previous surveys, but overall we feel the digital format will suit the needs of a school of our size. We are transitioning to SEQTA this year and as our students get used to checking their daily notifications we hope the participation will increase for our Term 4 survey.

The last question allowed students to make general comments about using active transport to get to school. These comments will allow us to identify some key issues that could be followed up by the school with the Department of Transport regarding bus timetabling and popular routes used by students.

Note: Staff data was included in the results above. On reflection it would be easy to duplicate the electronic survey so that analysis of individual groups could be analysed without downloading to an Excel spreadsheet.

Here is a copy of our survey in template form for any one wishing to use. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=-RaA4P3Ru0yDsLdutDYWJ07q19qYc5JChaPeKFhPJDhUNFpBWDNXVzYyTU83NlY1U1dITlA0OVFRRS4u&sharetoken=iEgy3H9U7k6TfXMN5rNs

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Team 😁! I would imagine that your high rates of public transport use would make JCCA rather unique in Perth. It is interesting to see that 'other' appeared frequently as a reason for choice of mode of transport. I wonder what some of the main 'other' reasons were? You have earned 60 points for conducting this survey and 20 points for all the reflections. BTW the link to the template doesn't seem to work (for me at least). I look forward to any more info you gain from this survey. 😊

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Yes I also wonder what the other is? The team will have to get brainstorming some possibilities for the next survey. I could branch it to a question requesting more details like we did with other questions. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=-RaA4P3Ru0yDsLdutDYWJ07q19qYc5JChaPeKFhPJDhUNFpBWDNXVzYyTU83NlY1U1dITlA0OVFRRS4u&sharetoken=iEgy3H9U7k6TfXMN5rNs Here is the link again. The link uses Microsoft Forms and should work for anyone (well that is what it tells me)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Donna, the links work fine today for me!

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