Infographic Competition

Donna Buckley

An infographic is a visual representation of complex data and is accepted worldwide as the best way to communicate information to an audience. So it made sense that the college held an infographic competition of the Hands Up Survey results. The winner of the competition would then get their work published in the school newsletter, Curtin Calls.

Creating an infographic allows students to interpret authentic data, developing the general capabilities of numeracy and critical and creative thinking.

Prizes are needed as an incentive for any competition and the Your Move Rewards Shop made it easy. I traded in some points for an Officeworks' voucher and a stainless steel water bottle for the second prize. I was pleasantly surprised at how swiftly they arrived. This saved me so much time, allowing me to avoid the red tape of getting approval and reimbursement for a school purchase.

The infographics were created on a site developed by a West Aussie start up business Canva. They allow the amateur to create professional graphical designs for free

I have shared the winning entries from two of our year seven students that were published in the November newsletter.

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Well done guys, as an infographic nerd I love the way your students have presented the HUS data (and I particularly like the second one.. really nice clean design)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna - Trev beat me to it, I love it too! I think this could be a great activity for other secondary schools to do too - do you have any lesson plans or other documentation that could be of help to others? If so please email to me and I can add it to the story. On top of the 22 points you have also received 15 points for your class activity, a bonus 10 for the details and a bigger bonus of 30 for your innovation. It's super-rewarding for us to hear that we at YM are helping to cut red tape!

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Ohhh james I wish I had lesson plans to give you but honestly I just let the YM resources do the work... 1. I put the Excel spreadsheet results in the weekly notices and 2. The voucher was the incentive for the HS students to participate. The great thing is they can also use this in their resume, demonstrating some of the 21st century skills that employers are looking for.

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