Leadership Lab - Day 1

Chloe Mallen

John Curtin had a great time yesterday at Day 1 of the Your Move Leadership Lab.

We spent time having a deep dive into what the Your Move program is and what considerations need to be taken into account when planning an activity. We loved all the activities and came away with some big ideas for our planning day on Day 2. The students especially enjoyed creating an ad (pictured) that can be digitalised to be put on Facebook and around the school.

Amelia also spoke to the whole group about her work with Millennium kids where she is organising whole state/country activities around sustainability. A massive congratulations to them on the fantastic achievement of top 14 organisations out of 172.

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Top 14 in the World Economic Forum #GenerationRestoration Youth Challange

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear that your team have been enjoying the Leadership Lab. You have earned 70 points for attending this 2 day extravaganza! You are being very secretive about the ideas generated (but you still earned 10 points for an engaging story!) - I guess we'll have to wait to hear about day 2 🤔!

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