It was decided last year by the Roots and Shoots students to use our 2022 grant money to install a bike repair station and some bike racks.

We have some big plans coming with this bike repair station. One of which was strategically planned before we decided where it would go. The Roots and Shoots students thought it would be a great idea to get Phys Ed involved as they use mountain bikes quite regularly. The Outdoor Ed teachers were thrilled to say the least as our bikes are getting on a bit in age and the repair station meant the difference in buying new ones or fixing the old ones. This also meant the students would learn how to use the repair station taking those life long skills with them into the future.

The next idea is that we make some short videos on how to use the repair station along with instructions. These will be accessed by a QR code which will be on a sign that Design and Technology are making for us.

We have some big ideas and the students are working well towards achieving them. We will let you know once these ideas have become reality....

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing how you used your 2022 Connecting School's Grant Chloe - that has earned you 40 points. That is a real bonus that it mean avoiding the need to buy new, and this video guide plans are very exciting - I'll watch out for an update on that down the track.

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