Parents Get Their Say in Online Survey

Donna Buckley

110 parents participated in our Your Move Parent Online Survey. The parents indicated that the issues of road safety, physical activity and health and well being are extremely important to them and were pleased that the college have signed up to the program.

"Thank you for this opportunity to try and make school a safer place", JCCA parent

The challenges of long distances determine that public transport is the optimal mode of transport for most students. Better bike security in the college would encourage students to switch from public transport to cycling as a mode of transport to school for those living within cycling distance.

60% of John Curtin students travel to school via public transport and 45% of respondents live further than 10km from the school.

A report of the survey results has now been sent to our administration team and 'JCCA Your Move Champions' , allowing them to reflect on the parent feedback and consider strategies to support creating a safer environment around the college that promotes active travel to school .

"Delighted that John Curtin is taking on this important initiative. I'd love to see some sort of social initiative alongside this that connects students to others who live close to them. Some sort of team challenge or cooperative exercise linked to transport to school?', JCCA parent

'I rarely pick up or drop off my daughter to school as she uses the bus or train. She mostly takes the train to her after school activity and so it works very well. It might be fun to bicycle in the summer so we shall give that a try in the next few weeks.', JCCA parent

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna - given your school's particular circumstances it is very prudent to have done a survey to help guide your direction in Your Move. It is very reassuring to read the positive feedback you have received. It is also impressive that your baseline car usage is so low for a school with such a large catchment - have you any thoughts on why that may be the case? You received 60 points for the survey activity plus a bonus 10 for sharing so much detail and other 10 for uploading the full results. Please let us know any outcomes following your reflection by your team and staff.

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Thanks for the bonus points James...

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I think our baseline car use is lower possibly because our students can travel a long way so it is not feasible for parents to drive that far every day. What I was really impressed by was the fact 76 parents said they could reduce their car use by one to five times a week. That is 76 less cars at our school on a given day - how amazing would that be.....

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David (Your Move)

Great report on some very interesting survey results Donna. Great to see the parent community so engaged and enthusiastic about the benefits of active transport.

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