PL Day Active Transport Challenge

Donna Buckley

Staff Professional Learning Days are a fantastic opportunity for staff to slow down and connect with each other. Car pooling is a fantastic initiative to support these outcomes. So in Term 4, we had another go at our car pooling initiative by promoting on the Professional Learning Day - except this time we included rewards for all staff who car pooled, walked, rode a bike or used public transport to get to work. This increased the number of staff participating from our first car pooling event significantly.

The Your Move pens we earned from our reward points were a nice recognition that we placed in those who had signed up to the program's pigeon hole. Our 2021 winning student infographic was able to be printed on some nice card for an economical bookmark for staff, so this was also included as an active transport reward. The book mark turned out so well, we have decided to incorporate this as a part of our 2021/2022 Year 7 transition.

As the staff unwinded after a day of learning new IT skills, the raffle prizes were announced - spreading the benefits of active transport to even more staff members. Congratulations to our wonderful administration champions, Renee and Michelle who won the raffle prize of an Officeworks voucher. I hope this event can become a regular part of our PL Day culture for many years to come.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna - that is wonderful that your staff have embraced the AT challenge on your PL day. As this was a one-off challenge (rather than, for example, month long) I have linked it to "Complete a simple activity" which gives you 25 points. But fret not, as you also earned 20 points for not skimping on the details and giving us an engaging story. I particularly like how you made the infographic into a book mark reward!

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