Attending the Your Move Action Learning teacher workshop in the July school holidays was a great way to meet with the other passionate YM Teacher Champions across the Perth Metro. The energy of Katrina and the Millenium Kids crew, who coordinated the event, was contagious. With a diverse range of guest speakers and a jam packed program full of activities (that were truly active) the PL did not disappoint.

Inspired by the question, "what do I want my future to look like?" I was able to take time out and reflect on the actions I will take to lead the YM team to support a change in the travel mindset of staff, students and parents at the college.

The ferry ride to Perth Zoo EDUCATED me how transport and infrastructure has changed the environment and influenced the lifestyles of people in the South Perth community. Walyalup is the Nyoongar word for what we now call Fremantle, the suburb in which John Curtin School was built in 1954. The land had been granted to the people for a public park in 1879 until the Education Department took it over. By looking back at the site's indigenous and historical past I would like our students and staff to reflect on how they want John Curtin College to look in another 10, 20.. 100 years?

WELLBEING is identified as a priority in our 2019 - 2021 Business Plan. Creating opportunities to promote student voice is one of the strategies we will use to achieve this. I have registered a group of students to attend the Your Move Secondary Student Action Workshop on the 22/23rd September. These students will be invited to ADVOCATE and EDUCATE to our College Board about the experiences they had at the workshop and the future they would like to see for the College.

RULES and REGULATIONS play an important role in influencing COMMUNITY ACTION and BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE. With current review of our Business Plan in place in 2021, it is the ideal time for our committee to provide feedback to the executive of how we would like to 'reduce the college’s impact on the environment and to foster social, emotional and physical well being.'

The SDG's provide clear and measurable goals that we could incorporate into our 2022 -2024 Business Plan. Thank you Heather from Millenium Kids for the great advice!

So how do I see our future? How do we as a community see our future? As the college grows, future builds will be necessary? Will we continue to build more car parks? Can we reclaim some of these for areas of safe play and recreation for students? Can we move our 2000 students and 100 staff in and out of the college each day without impacting the environment?

Thanks Your Move for providing the opportunity for me to attend this free PL. Giving me the time to reflect on the program and consider the next steps I will need to take to support long term behavioural change in our community was very valuable.

Holiday PL keeps me super inspired for Semester Two 2021 and beyond! I have added our current Business Plan and some historical photos of Canning Highway and East Street for reflection :)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Donna - I can just feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins after the Action Learning Lab 🤩! You have earned 50 points for attending and 30 points for your extensive and engaging description of the day as well as how it all fits into your business plan. Thanks for sharing a bit of local Freo history too (pram on the tram tracks 😮 - how things have changed!)

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