See, Think Wonder - Hands Up Survey

Donna Buckley

Completing our fifth Hands Up Survey allowed for longitudinal trends in the data to be analysed. Using the SEE, THINK, WONDER template students were encouraged to make careful observations and interpretations of the authentic Your Move statistical data.

SEE:The majority of students travel to and from the College by Public Transport - over 50% or 1/2 of the population

THINK: This information would be useful for the College to support requests for better Public Transport schedules and infrastructure around the school

WONDER: Why do approximately 30% of the population travel by car? Another survey to take a deeper dive into this group of students' transport habits would be interesting.

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James (Your Move)

It is great to see the thinking that your HUS and SEE, THINK, WONDER activity has stimulated - thanks for sharing. You have earned 50 points for submitting your end of year HUS and 10 points for sharing your reflections. I like the idea of using the high rates of PT use to leverage improvements 🤩.

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